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Over 92 years of service to electronics

Welcome to the Institution of Electronics

The Institution of Electronics is one of the oldest Institutions in the UK, specifically for electronic engineers. Formed in 1930 and incorporated in 1935 the Institution has a long history of excellence in the field of electronics.

Today, we have members from all over the world, contributing to the field of electronics by innovation, research, educating others and hands-on working as engineers.

Electronics Engineers who are members become ‘people of letters’ able to proudly display the post nominal letters associated with their membership status. Having this accreditation serves to show employers and others that they are recognised for their achievements, having gained global recognition demonstrating their credibility and commitment to the electronics industry as professional engineers.

Become a part of the Institutions family, by submitting your application and join a long list of members proud to show M.Inst.E after their name. You can then aspire to reach the pinnacle and become a ‘Fellow’ with F.Inst.E prestigiously displayed.

We look forward to welcoming your professional status.

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We welcome new members from the following groups:

  • Electronics students and apprentices
  • Current electronics professionals
  • Retired electronics professionals
  • Teachers of electronics at school, college and university
  • Electronics enthusiasts

The Institution has a particular focus on supporting the next generation of electronics engineers. So if you are a student or apprentice studying electronics to at least level 3, then please see the details of our special membership category just for you!

Membership benefits

  • Post nominal letters after your name eg. M.Inst.E

  • Access to the Institution Facebook Group

  • Quarterly publication of our Electron Newsletter providing the latest electronic news

  • Interaction and collaboration with like-minded people

  • Opportunities to work together on group projects

  • Access to historic publications on electronics

Latest news

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