Barrowmore Training Center

One of the Institution of Electronics Training Centres is Barrowmore Training Centre which is part of Barrowmore – a long established multifaceted charity specialising in the fields of employment, accommodation, training and development for people with a disability.
Barrowmore offers a variety of programmes developing employability skills and work readiness. All of the training, teaching and earning takes place at the Barrowmore Estate.
Computer and information technology skills are among the many areas of learning at Barrowmore.

Barrowmore Boardroom

Barrowmore boardroom Barrowmore boardroom 2

Barrowmore Computer Training Room

Barrowmore computer training room 1 Barrowmore computer training room 2 Barrowmore computer training room 3

Barrowmore Catering Relaxation Garden
Barrowmore kitchen Barrowmore relaxation garden