Technician Member

An application for election or transfer to the grade of Technician Member shall satisfy the council that:-


  • He or she is at least 25 years of age.
  • He or she has passed the Institution’s Examination for Technician Membership or such other examinations (such as the possession of H.N.D., H.N.C. plus 2 endorsements, or such C.G.L.I. or similar qualifications ) as are, in the opinion of the Council, equivalent thereto; or submits a thesis or dissertation that is approved as adequate by Council.
  • He or she has been engaged in a branch of Electronic Science, or its application, for not less than 5 years.
  • That he or she has held a position of post-degree/apprenticeship responsibility in a branch of electronic science/engineering, or its application, for not less than 3 years – or has carried out work or research of importance in such field for an equivalent period.





  • In special circumstances Council may waive such of the above quoted requirements as and upon such grounds as it may from time to time think fit.