Management of the Institution
Objectives Formation Incorporation Management

The management of the affairs of the Institution is vested in a Council of Corporate Members and the Honorary Treasurer and the Secretary of the Institution. The members of the Council (other than the Honorary Treasurer and the Secretary, who are appointed by Council) are elected at the Annual Ordinary General Meetings of the Institution, one-third of the number, in order of seniority, retiring each year, but being eligible for re-election.


Meetings for lectures and discussions are held under the auspices of the Headquarters and the Divisions of the Institution of Electronics. Members receive notices of the meetings of the Division to which they are attached, but are entitled to attend the lecture meetings of any Division.


Papers read at the meetings of the Institution and reports of its activities are published on The Web site of the Institution of Electronics which is freely accessable to all members. All Members, corporate or non-corporate, are entitled to submit papers for publication on the web site or to request links to their work published elsewhere.


All Members, Students and Subscribers are entitled to borrow books from the Library of the Institution. Details of the conditions of loan are available on request.

SUBSCRIPTIONS and the FINANCE ACT, Section 16, 1958.

” The Commissioners of Inland Revenue have approved the Institution of Electronics for the purposes of Section 16, Finance act, 1958, and that the whole of the annual subscription paid by a member who qualifies for relief under that Section will be allowable as a deduction from his or her emoluments assessable to income tax deductions under Schedule E. ”

A Member who is entitled to the tax relief should apply to his or her tax office for form P.358 on which to make a claim for relief due to him or her.

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