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Over 90 years of service to electronics

The Institution was initiated in 1930 by a number of scientists and engineers who were interested in the applications of high-frequency electricity, particularly in the field of telecommunications. The rapid growth of membership brought together not only those whose primary interest was in this field, but also many who were concerned with other developments in electronics, such as the study of the electron from the standpoint of the physicist and the  emerging theory and practice of electrotherapeutics. Thus, the scope of the Institution widened beyond the field of telecommunications to include all subjects which come together under the general title of the Science and Engineering of Electronic.

In view of the importance of the subject of electronics and the unique position of the Institution as a body specifically devoted to the study and development of this relatively new branch of science it was decided to apply for incorporation. This was granted by the Board of Trade on the 28th August 1935, the title adopted being The Institution of Electronics.

The membership of the Institution and its links to industry rapidly grew; learned lectures were provided for members in a variety of locations around the UK, papers were published and a large exhibition run annually (which by the 1960s was the largest electronics trade show in the UK). In latter years the Institution has focussed on providing a platform for networking among all those with an interest in electronics:
– Current electronics professionals
– Retired electronics professionals
– Teachers of electronics at school, college and university
– Students of electronics at school, college and university
– Electronics enthusiasts

In particular the Institution nurtures the education of the next generation of leaders in the science and engineering of electronics through the support of the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships and other activities focussed on secondary electronics education.

The Institution of Electronics is a company limited by guarantee (company number 304499) and a registered educational charity (charity number 313311).