Admission/upgrading via a thesis or dissertation.

The adjudication fees for a Thesis or Dissertation, for the various grades of Membership, shall be a sum equal to the entrance fee for the grade of membership requested by the applicant unless otherwise determined by Council. Such fee shall be non- returnable to the applicant whether or not his or her application is successful.

  • Life Membership.
  • With the exception of Students, and Graduates, members may secure Life Membership, in their existing grades, by the payment to the Institution in one sum the amount of 20 years’ annual subscriptions. Proportionate increases shall be made in the event of subsequent upgrading.

  • Election.
  • Each applicant for full Membership shall be sponsored, from personal knowledge, by two Corporate Members of the Institution, at least one of whom shall be a full Member. Each applicant for membership as an Associate Member, Companion, Associate, Graduate or Student must be sponsored from personal knowledge by two responsible persons who should preferably be Corporate Members of the Institution. No person shall be admitted to any grade of Membership of the Institution unless approved by the Council of the Institution, and the Council shall have full discretion as to admission of any person to membership.

  • Transfer.
  • At the discretion of the Council a properly qualified person may, on application, be transferred from one grade of membership to another. Such application should be sponsored in the same way as an application for election to the class of membership selected.

  • Examinations for Admission to Membership.
  • For admission to corporate membership, a candidate must demonstrate a working knowledge of some branch of electronic science and also be well acquainted with the fundamental principles of the science. To ensure adequate qualifications in those accepted for membership, examinations are held. Alternatively, in cases where adequate technical qualifications are not already held by the applicant, the Council encourages the submission of a thesis or dissertation on a subject which is proposed by the candidate and approved by the Council. This should be a reasoned account of work done by the candidate or a critical review of a field of knowledge; a mere account of the work of someone else will not be accepted. In the first instance a short synopsis, of not more than 600 words, should be sent for approval.