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Resolution explained for magnetic angle sensors

Because optical encoders are functionally similar, “resolution” is often used as a main characteristic for magnetic encoders, a device providing the angle of a magnet attached to a mechanical shaft under a digital form. Resolution is a key parameter since it indicates the smallest angle that the sensor can resolve. Unfortunately, when comparing products, users […]

Hot resistance versus cold resistance

Incandescent lamp filaments have ratios of hot resistance versus cold resistance that really startled me even though I thought I knew all about such things. It turns out I did not know “all about” and the consequences of my ignorance were very disquieting in terms of a potential fire hazard. We have this chandelier over […]

100-W wireless power receiver ensures fast smartphone charging

Boasting a power rating of 100 W, ST’s STWLC99 wireless power receiver can recharge high-end smartphones with the largest battery capacity in under 30 minutes. In addition to smartphones, the STWLC99 offers new opportunities for medical devices and battery-operated industrial tools. Based on an energy-efficient architecture comprising a low RDS(ON) synchronous rectifier and low-dropout regulator, […]

Tire-mounted sensor enhances vehicle safety

Sensata’s Bluetooth-enabled, tire-mounted sensor attaches directly to the tire’s inner liner to elevate vehicle safety, performance, and data insights. In addition to measuring pressure, temperature, and acceleration, the sensor provides identification and data continuity for a specific tire throughout its life cycle. According to the manufacturer, the tire-mounted sensor improves safety, tire life, fuel efficiency, […]

Versatile clock generators offer flexible configuration

VersaClock 7 clock generators from Renesas allow designers to configure frequencies, I/O levels, and GPIO pin functionality to meet design requirements. Aimed at PCIe and networking applications in high-end computing, wired infrastructure, and data center equipment, the VersaClock 7 family offers versions providing 8 or 12 differential outputs with integrated crystal options. The 8-output clock […]

Bluetooth LE transceiver delivers multiple audio streams

Certified to the Bluetooth 5.3 LE audio standard, the NXH3675 single-chip 2.4-GHz transceiver provides high-quality audio with ultra-low power consumption and latency. The highly integrated chip will allow developers to create innovative audio products with broadcasting capabilities and multiple audio streams and data channels. The NXH3675 implements Bluetooth 5.3 LE’s Auracast broadcast audio with scan […]

28-nm smart-card chip secures payment processing

Built on the mature 28-nm process node, Infineon’s SLC26P security controller targets high-volume payment applications using smart cards. By enabling the 28-nm node for security ICs, Infineon not only offers long-term, dependable sourcing, but also empowers higher performance and more energy efficient products for the payment industry. Working with foundry partner TSMC, Infineon believes the […]

Fundamentals of I3C interface communication

I3C is a new serial communication protocol for embedded systems that offers significantly higher data throughput and more advanced features than I2C. With I3C, engineers and designers can improve the performance of their designs while also adding in new features like hot-join, in-band interrupts (IBI), and high data rate (HDR) modes. Additionally, I3C is backward […]