Low-noise amplifier spans 5 GHz to 8 GHz

Guerrilla RF is sampling the GRF2110, a C-band low-noise amplifier for WiFi 6/6E, small cell, wireless infrastructure, and other RF applications up to 8 GHz. This linear amplifier exhibits a noise figure of 1.0 dB and flat gain of 17 dB, while drawing 70 mA of current. It also provides OIP3 linearity of 40 dBm and OP1dB power level of 22 dBm. The GRF2110’s tuning range is 5 GHz to 8 GHz.

“The C-Band is considered waterfront property in terms of RF spectrum because it offers the best combination of RF coverage and RF bandwidth, and cellular operators have been investing heavily in this band,” according to Alan Ake, VP of Multimarket Products at Guerrilla RF. “This band is also used by many other applications such as satellite earth stations; aeronautical navigation; radar; vehicle-to-everything (V2X); Industrial, Scientific, Medical (ISM); and WiFi 6E. Accordingly system designers will need to pay increased attention to RF impairments such as interference, gain compression, receiver saturation, noise floor degradation, and intermodulation.”

According to Ake, the GRF2110 was designed with these C-band–specific impairments in mind, with optimized gain, linearity, and noise figure performance. It also uses the same pin-compatible package as multiple other GRF products, providing design flexibility.

Housed in a 1.5×1.5-mm DFN-6 package, the GRF2110 amplifier operates from a supply voltage of 2.7 V to 5 V with a typical bias condition of 5 V and 70 mA for optimal efficiency and linearity.

GRF2110 product page

Guerrilla RF 

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