Jadak shrinks RAIN RFID modules

Comprising five variants, ThingMagic M7e series UHF RAIN RFID embedded modules from Jadak are among the smallest on the market. The modules, which are based on Impinj E family RAIN RFID reader chips, allow manufacturers to add RAIN RFID functionality to very small products, including handheld RFID scanners, wearables, surgical hand scanners, and mobile printers.

According to Harinath Reddy, senior R&D director, RFID, JADAK, “These new modules are optimized to achieve the highest read/write and thermal performance while consuming low DC power, which is very critical for our supply chain logistics, retail, and healthcare customers. In addition, some of the M7e modules are drop-in compatible with our M6e modules, allowing our customers to easily migrate to the new modules.”

At 18×21×3 mm, the surface-mount M7e-Pico is the smallest module in the series and is capable of reading up to 300 tags/s. It also has an RF output range 0 dBm to +24 dBm. DC power consumption for this device is <2.5 W at 5 V and +24 dBm, dropping to <1.2 W at 5 V and 0 dBm. The largest M7e modules are 46×26×4 mm and deliver read rates of up to 800 tags/s.

All of the M7e modules use the same Mercury API as other JADAK ThingMagic products, enabling easy software integration and customization based on form-fit-function SKUs. Additionally, Jadak works to obtain regulatory certifications for select countries prior to launch, easing the burden on OEMs to obtain their own regulatory certification.

ThingMagic M7e series product page


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