Soft-switching controller SoCs allow remote updating

Pre-Flex soft-switching motor/inverter controller SoCs from Pre-Switch are now reprogrammable to permit updating products during development or in the field. These AI-based chips have also been outfitted with an embedded digital oscilloscope for transistor-level analysis.

Pre-Flex ICs contain all the AI algorithms required for soft switching across all operating voltages, load conditions, and temperatures. Adaptations are made on a cycle-by-cycle basis to minimize losses and maximize efficiency. Aimed at EVs and other e-mobility applications requiring high inverter efficiency levels across a wide load range, Pre-Switch technology achieves efficiency of 99.57% peak and 98.5% at 5% load—both measured at a switching frequency of 100 kHz. The result is an increased EV range of 5% to 12%.

The Pre-Flex IC’s embedded digital oscilloscope, Deep View, gives users 12 channels and a sample rate of 160 MSPS to analyze the timings of the switching. Traces can be recorded and exported out to analyze system performance. If there are any issues, Deep View enables developers and even remote program managers at Pre-Switch to understand why, so that actions can be taken.

“We are continually developing the AI and infrastructure that enables us to deploy true soft-switching and hence achieve such outstanding efficiency performance,” said Bruce Renouard, Pre-Switch CEO. “By incorporating a remote boot code on the chip, we can update the AI at any point in the EV or other product’s lifetime, ensuring that performance is always optimal.”

To enable engineers to employ Pre-Flex AI technology, Pre-Switch offers the CleanWave inverter reference system and the PDS-2 development system with Deep View.


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