SiC gate driver extends EV driving range

A 20-A isolated gate driver from TI, the UCC5880-Q1, enables powertrain engineers to build more efficient traction inverters and maximize EV driving range. SPI programmability allows the device to drive nearly any SiC MOSFET or IGBT, while integrated monitoring and protection features reduce design complexity.

To improve system efficiency and increase the driving range of electric vehicles, designers can use the UCC5880-Q1 to vary the gate-drive strength in real time. This can be done in steps between 20 A and 5 A and can reduce SiC switching power losses by up to 2%. As a result, drivers get up to 7 more miles of range per battery charge, which is equivalent to over 1000 additional miles per year for someone who charges their vehicle three times per week.

On-chip diagnostics of the UCC5880-Q1 include built-in self-test (BIST) for protection comparators, gate threshold voltage measurement for power device health monitoring, and fault alarm and warning outputs. The part also packs an active Miller clamp and a 10-bit ADC for monitoring purposes.

The UCC5880-Q1 comes in a 10.5×7.5-mm, 32-pin SSOP. Preproduction quantities of the automotive-grade, ISO26262-compliant driver are available now, only on TI’s website, with prices starting at $5.90 in lots of 1000 units. A UCC5880-Q1 evaluation module is available for $249.

UCC5880-Q1 product page

Texas Instruments 

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