120-GHz radar transceiver enables in-cabin monitoring

The Silicon Radar TRX_120_067 from indie Semiconductor is a 120-GHz radar frontend (RFE) transceiver with on-chip antennas for automotive radar systems. As vehicle OEMs look to continually improve sensing resolution, radar is becoming increasingly important for in-cabin driver and occupant monitoring systems (DMS/OMS). At 120 GHz, the TRX_120_067 RFE meets the requirements for vital sign detection, such as heartbeat and respiration, to ensure occupant safety.

According to indie, the higher license-free frequencies of the ISM band support the use of antenna-on-chip techniques that simplify PCB design, minimize sensor form factor, and reduce cost. These factors are particularly important for DMS/OMS applications where external antennas impose industrial design limitations unacceptable to automotive manufacturers.

In addition to transmit and receive antennas, the TRX_120_067 RFE transceiver integrates a low-noise amplifier, quadrature mixers, a poly-phase filter, voltage-controlled oscillator, and divide-by-32 outputs in its 8×8-mm QFN56 plastic package. It operates from a single 3.3-V supply with power consumption of 380 mW in continuous operating mode. The ESD-protected device supports both frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) and continuous wave (CW) operating modes.

The SiGe BiCMOS TRX_120_067 RFE transceiver is sampling now, with high-volume ramp slated for Q2 2024.

TRX_120_067 product page

indie Semiconductor

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