SAR sensor hones RF control in smartphones

Semtech’s SX9376 specific absorption rate (SAR) sensor optimizes RF control while maintaining compliance with global SAR standards for 5G-enabled consumer devices. The IC automatically adjusts system-level RF emissions, allowing connected devices to operate at peak performance with improved connectivity.

A member of the company’s PerSe Connect portfolio of human-sensing chips, the SX9376 accommodates eight sensor inputs to support multiple antennas. This simplifies sensor design without compromising performance and regulatory compliance. The chip is compatible with various antenna designs, allowing its integration into 5G mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The SX9376’s high-resolution analog front end provides capacitance resolution down to 0.74 aF and capacitance offset compensation of up to 600 pF. Built-in temperature correction minimizes false triggers caused by both noise and temperature.

The PerSe Connect SX9376 SAR sensor comes in a 1.8×1.9×0.55-mm QFN package. Log in or register at mySemtech to access product documentation.

SX9376 product page


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