Automotive lidar module shrinks footprint

With dimensions of just 120×120×24 mm, the Vista-X90 Plus adaptive long-range lidar unit from Cepton easily fits behind a vehicle’s windshield. It can also be seamlessly embedded into the automobile’s roof, headlamps, or fascia. Compared to its predecessor the Vista-X90, the Vista-X90 Plus is 62% slimmer and enables over a 58% reduction in sensor footprint.

Doubling the data rate of the Vista-X90, the slim Vista-X90 Plus achieves high resolution for improved perception. A real-time software-tunable region of interest allows the sensor to maintain an optimized balance between performance and power efficiency across various driving scenarios.

Vista-X90 Plus has a 90° horizontal field of view and a maximum detection range of 200 m at 10% reflectivity. Angular resolution is 0.07° within the region of interest. This automotive-grade ISO 26262 ASIL B-compliant unit consumes less than 13 W of power, making it suitable for all types of passenger cars, as well as electric vehicles.

Aimed at automotive OEMs to enable the safe deployment of next-generation ADAS, the Vista-X90 Plus costs under $500 in volume quantities.

Vista-X90 Plus product page


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