AI-based platform accelerates PCB design

Cadence Allegro X AI automates PCB placement and routing for small to medium size designs, reducing physical layout and analysis from days to minutes. Accessed through the Allegro X Design Platform, the AI offering leverages the scalability of the cloud for physical design automation.

Integrated with fast signal integrity and power integrity analysis, the AI technology automates placement, metal pouring, and critical net routing. Using the generative AI capabilities, customers can streamline their system design process and achieve a more than 10X reduction in PCB design turnaround time.

In addition to improved productivity, Allegro X AI offers better quality of results. Placement automation using generative AI enables feasibility analysis in the early design phases. The technology also drives optimization of metrics, such as shorter wire lengths, while adhering to design constraints.

Request a price quote for Allegro X AI using the link to the product page below.

Allegro X AI product page

Cadence Design Systems 

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