UWB chip boasts accurate ranging and positioning

The ultra-wideband (UWB) Exynos Connect U100 IC from Samsung achieves single-digit centimeter accuracy for precise distance measurement. With embedded RF, baseband, flash memory, and power management, the U100 performs ranging and positioning for use in mobile, automotive, and IoT devices.

Leveraging time of arrival (ToA) and 3D angle of arrival (AoA) measurements, the Exynos Connect U100 attains centimeter-scale accuracy and less than a 5 degree error range, respectively. This makes it especially useful when tracking location in challenging indoor environments where GPS is unavailable, as well as for AR/VR applications that require exact real-time tracking of moving people.

Through its power-saving mode, the U100 can maximize the battery life of devices that run on batteries with limited power capacity, such as smart tags. For reliable communication, the U100 is also equipped with a scrambled timestamp sequence (STS) function and a secure hardware encryption engine to prevent external hacking.

The Exynos Connect U100 has been certified by the FiRa Consortium, an industry-led nonprofit organization that certifies UWB products for conformity to interoperability standards. It also complies with the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) Digital Key Release 3.0 specification. This will enable U100-equipped smartphones to store, authenticate, and exchange digital keys for vehicles.

Exynos Connect U100 product page

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