150-V MOSFET increases power supply efficiency

Toshiba’s 150-V N-channel power MOSFET, the TPH9R00CQ5, provides an on-resistance of 9.0 mΩ maximum at a gate-source voltage of 10 V. Used in synchronous rectification applications, the device reduces the power loss of switching power supplies and helps improve efficiency.

Built with the company’ latest generation U-MOSX-H process, the TPH9R00CQ5 can be used for the power supplies of industrial equipment, such as those found in data centers and communication base stations. Its low on-resistance is approximately 42% less than the existing TPH1500CNH1 MOSFET. Further, compared to the current TPH9R00CQH, the new device reduces reverse recovery charge by about 74% and reverse recovery time by about 44%.

Key specifications for the TPH9R00CQ5 include:

The TPH9R00CQ5 power MOSFET comes in a 4.9×6.1×1.0-mm, 8-pin SO package.

TPH9R00CQ5 product page 

Toshiba Electronic Devices and Storage 

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