Industrial MPU enables EtherCAT-based real-time control

The Renesas RZ/T2L microprocessor employs the EtherCAT communication protocol to provide high-speed real-time control for industrial systems. Based on a 32-bit Arm Cortex-R52 core operating at a maximum frequency of 800 MHz, the RZ/T2L provides up to 1 Mbyte of tightly coupled SRAM with error correction code (ECC). Its three-port EtherCAT slave controller, designed by Beckhoff Automation, is joined by an Ethernet MAC and CAN-FD module.

The RZ/T2L leverages the same hardware architecture as the higher-end RZ/T2M, while reducing chip size by up to 50%. Software compatibility with other Rensas MPUs/MCUs allows developers to seamlessly implement scalable designs. Real-time processing makes the RZ/T2L well-suited for AC servo drives, inverters, industrial robots, and collaborative robots.

Onboard peripheral functions include multi-protocol encoder interfaces for angle sensors, sigma-delta interfaces, and A/D converters. These are arranged on a dedicated low-latency peripheral port (LLPP) bus directly connected to the CPU to achieve fast and accurate real-time control capabilities.

The RZ/T2L microprocessor is available now and is supported by the Renesas Product Longevity Program for industrial equipment requiring long life cycles.

RZ/T2M product page

Renesas Electronics 

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