AI-powered EDA tool suite assists chipmakers is a full AI-driven EDA software stack for the design, verification, testing, and manufacture of advanced digital and analog chips. Synopsys says engineers can now use AI at every stage of chip design by accessing the EDA tools in the cloud.

The EDA design suite provides:

Digital design space optimization to achieve power, performance, and area (PPA) targets and boost productivity
Analog design automation for rapid migration of analog designs across process nodes
Verification coverage closure and regression analysis for faster functional testing closure, higher coverage, and predictive bug detection
Automated test generation resulting in fewer optimized test patterns for silicon defect coverage and faster time to results
Manufacturing tools to accelerate development of lithography models with high accuracy to achieve the highest yield tools are now in use by 9 of the top 10 semiconductor companies, establishing Synopsys as an early leader in this space. Renesas Electronics, one of the companies with early access to the technology, has achieved a 10x improvement in reducing functional coverage holes and up to a 30% increase in IP verification productivity. With each design project, the suite’s AI engines continually train on unique data sets, allowing them to become more adept at optimizing results over time.

Learn more about EDA solutions from the blog found here or by clicking the link to the product page below. product page 


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