90-W models expand wideband amplifier portfolio

Spanning a frequency band of 380 MHz to 6 GHz, the BBA300 family of RF amplifiers from Rohde & Schwarz now includes 90-W models in the CDE and DE series. The instruments can be used for EMC and OTA coexistence testing, as well as component testing during development and production.

The BBA300-CDE offers a continuous frequency range from 380 MHz to 6 GHz, while the BBA300-DE operates from 1 GHz to 6 GHz. Both models offer a choice of 15-W, 25-W, 50-W, 90-W, and 180-W P1dB power classes and software-adjustable saturation power up to 250 W.

The broadband amplifiers support amplitude, frequency, phase, pulse, and complex OFDM modulation modes. According to the manufacturer, units are very robust under all mismatch conditions, providing valid test results in every scenario.

Software options for the BBA300 amplifiers allow users to optimize transmission characteristics for specific applications. For example, it is possible to shift the operating point of transistors between Class A and Class AB to adjust amplifier performance for different types of input signals. By changing the tolerance to mismatch at the output, the BBA300 can generate more RF power under well-matched conditions.

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BBA300 product page

Rohde & Schwarz 

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