System enables hybrid quantum-classical computing

NVIDIA debuted the DGX Quantum, a system for researchers working in high-performance, low-latency quantum-classical computing, at its GTC 2023 developers conference. The GPU-accelerated system blends NVIDIA’s Grace Hopper Superchip and CUDA Quantum open-source programming model with the OPX+ quantum controller from Quantum Machines.

The hardware/software platform allows developers to build powerful applications that combine quantum computing with state-of-the-art classical computing, while adding capabilities for calibration, control, quantum error correction, and hybrid algorithms. Connected via a PCIe cable, the Grace Hopper system and OPX+ enable sub-microsecond latency between GPUs and quantum processing units (QPUs).

NVIDIA’s Grace Hopper integrates the Hopper architecture GPU with the new Grace CPU. It delivers up to 10X higher performance for applications running terabytes of data. OPX+ brings real-time classical compute engines into the heart of the quantum control stack to maximize any QPU and open new possibilities in quantum algorithms. Both Grace Hopper and OPX+ can be scaled to fit the size of the system, from a few-qubit QPU to a quantum-accelerated supercomputer.

DGX Quantum also equips developers with CUDA Quantum, a hybrid quantum-classical computing software stack that enables integration and programming of QPUs, GPUs, and CPUs in one system.


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