Simulator tool tests Microchip SiC power devices

The MPLAB SiC power simulator from Microchip evaluates the company’s SiC power devices and modules across various topologies during the design phase. Developed in collaboration with Plexim, the MPLAB SiC power simulator is a PLECS-based software environment that serves as an online tool that eliminates the need to purchase a simulation license.

By providing valuable benchmark data, the simulation tool helps accelerate the design process of common power converter topologies in DC/AC, AC/DC, and DC/DC applications before committing the design to hardware. It also reduces component selection time. A power electronics designer deciding between a 25-mΩ and 40-mΩ SiC MOSFET for a three-phase active front-end converter can get immediate simulation results, such as average power dissipation and peak junction temperature of the devices.

The free MPLAB SiC power simulator can be used to design power systems for e-mobility, sustainability, and industrial applications such as electric vehicles, on/off-board charging, power supplies, and battery storage systems.

To access the complimentary MPLAB SiC power simulator, click here. Design resources for Microchip’s SiC-based hardware and software can be found here

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