Reduced-pitch TIA supports 56-GBd PAM4 operation

Semtech has announced production availability of its GN1814 quad-channel transimpedance amplifer (TIA) for use in 400G and 800G data centers. The 56-GBd PAM 4 amplifier boasts a reduced I/O channel pitch of 500 µm and is well-suited for very high-density, single-mode fiber applications. It also offers low input-referred noise, high gain, and output-swing level detection.

“The production availability of the FiberEdge GN1814 enables qualification testing of the latest optical transceiver technology in data centers by our customers and system vendors who demand exceptional quality and performance,” said Nicola Bramante, senior product line manager for Semtech’s Signal Integrity Products Group. “The reduced pitch of the new FiberEdge GN1814, combined with all the latest features from Semtech’s FiberEdge PAM4 TIAs and rigorous quality methodologies, enables the rapid deployment of next generation 100G/lane OSFP and QSFP-DD optical transceivers.”

The GN1814 linear transimpedance amplifier is available as wire-bondable bare die. It is intended for 400GBASE-DR4, FR4, LR4, and 800GBASE-DR8 PAM4 optical transceivers; chip-on-board optical assemblies; and silicon photonics. Log in or register for mySemtech to access product documentation.

GN1814 product page


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