Devices ward off ESD in automotive networks

Six ESD protection devices from Nexperia safeguard the 24-V board net systems used in trucks and commercial vehicles. The PESD2CANFD36XX-Q series protects the bus lines of in-vehicle networks, such as LIN, CAN, CAN-F, FlexRay, and SENT, from damage caused by ESD and other transients.

As data rates increase and vehicles feature more electrification, the need for ESD protection is critical. The PESD2CANFD36XX-Q series provides a maximum reverse standoff voltage of 36 V and up to 22 kV of ESD protection. Further, a low clamping voltage of 48 V at 1 A ensures system-level robustness for in-vehicle networks.

Available in SOT-23 and SOT-323 (SC-70) packages, the protection devices offer a choice of three different low-capacitance classes: 4.3 pF, 6 pF, and 10 pF. Low capacitance helps ensure smooth communication between interfaces without impacting signal integrity.

Devices in the PESD2CANFD36XX-Q series can be purchased directly from Nexperia or through its worldwide distributor network. View datasheets and check distributor stock using the link to the product page below.

PESD2CANFD36XX-Q series product page


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