Renesas debuts automotive SoC technologies

Renesas has developed four SoC technologies for in-vehicle communication gateways boasting low power, fast startup, and security. Announced at this month’s International Solid-State Circuits Conference 2023, these SoC technologies are expected to play an important role in defining the next generation of electrical/electronic (E/E) architecture in automotive systems.

One of the technologies is an architecture that dynamically changes the circuit operation timing to match the vehicle conditions with optimized performance and standby power consumption. Fast startup is implemented by partitioning and powering essential programs only. This enables a fast CAN response time of 50 ms or less, even when using external flash memory.

A custom network accelerator offloads processing from the CPU to achieve a power efficiency of 10 Gbps/W. Finally, the company’s security technology prevents communication interference by recognizing and protecting vital in-vehicle communication related to vehicle control.

All four technologies have been incorporated into the Renesas R-Car S4 vehicle communication gateway SoC. With the latest R-Car S4, developers can accelerate advances in E/E architectures, implement secure connection with cloud services, and ensure safe and reliable vehicle control at the same time.

R-Car S4 product page

Renesas Technologies 

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