PCIe 6.0 interposer works at speeds up to 64 GT/s

The PCIe 6.0 CEM x16 interposer from Teledyne LeCroy allows developers to capture data traffic crossing the PCIe card connector interface at up to 64 GT/s. Leveraging the company’s TAP6 technology, the interposer reduces signal integrity issues and enhances fidelity for protocol transmission acquisition.

The interposer supports data rates of 2.5 GT/s (Gen1), 5.0 GT/s (Gen2), 8.0 GT/s (Gen3), 16.0 GT/s (Gen4), 32.0 GT/s (Gen5), and 64.0 GT/s (Gen6) with up to x16 link widths. It provides a simple and easy way to probe PCIe traffic between a host and PCIe add-in card.

In combination with Teledyne LeCroy’s Summit family of PCI Express 5.0 protocol analyzers, the new PCIe 6.0 CEM x16 interposer currently enables engineers to test product designs based on PCIe 6.0 technology at up to 32 GT/s. Additionally, it will work in combination with a PCIe 6.0-capable Summit protocol analyzer to support full 64-GT/s speeds when that analyzer is released in the future.

Connecting the interposer to a Summit PCIe analyzer allows the decoding and display of data flowing in both directions and across all lanes. Data traffic is displayed using the industry-standard CATC Trace data display, along with traffic and error reports.

The PCIe 6.0 CEM x16 interposer (PE6116UIA-X) is available for immediate order.

PCIe 6.0 CEM x16 interposer product page

Teledyne LeCroy 

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