Simulation tool checks PCB signal integrity

Keysight’s Electrical Performance Scan (EP-Scan) is a digital simulation tool for hardware engineers and PCB designers that performs rapid signal integrity analysis. EP-Scan provides diagnostics to help engineers identify layout issues and catch design inconsistencies early in the design process.

After completing a PCB design, hardware engineers hand the design over to signal integrity (SI) specialists to validate its performance before going to prototype. SI specialists perform simulations on a large number of nets, which can take days to weeks to complete. Uncertainty about the length of the SI analysis phase creates a bottleneck in the design cycle and delays time-to-market.

As a stand-alone software program, EP-Scan performs electromagnetic simulation on signal nets and reports SI metrics, such as channel return and insertion loss. In addition, EP-Scan automates performance comparisons between different versions of a design and generates simulation reports that expedite verification prior to building physical prototypes.

By analyzing common fabrication formats like ODB++, EP-Scan shows engineers the performance of their design as it would be when fabricated. EP-Scan enables hardware engineers to quickly validate designs and remove verification bottlenecks before the final verification.

EP-Scan product page

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