Low-profile oscilloscopes pack up to 8 analog channels

Digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs) in the SDS6000L series from Siglent come in 4- and 8-channel models with bandwidths of 500 MHz, 1 GHz, and 2 GHz. Along with the analog channels, each scope furnishes an external trigger and 16 digital channels in a slim chassis.

The 4-channel model is just 43 mm high and occupies 1U of rack space, while the 8-channel model occupies a 2U space. SDS6000L scopes sample at a maximum rate of 5 Gsamples/s on each channel (10 Gsamples/s ESR) with a memory depth of 500 Mpoints on 1 channel, 250 Mpoints on 2 channels, or 125 Mpoints on 3 or 4 channels. A waveform capture rate of up to 170,000 waveforms/s in normal mode and up to 750,000 waveforms in sequence mode allows easy capture of low-probability abnormal events.

Stand-alone operation of the SDS6000L requires the addition of an external display and mouse. Remote control is also possible over a local area network using the built-in web server. Sixty-four SDS6000L units can be combined to create a high-speed acquisition system with up to 512 channels using the SYN64 synchronization distributor. The SYN64 enables the correlation of multiple synchronous events for system-level debugging.

SDS6000L product page

Siglent Technologies 

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