Ku-band GaN HEMTs suit small earth stations

Mitsubishi expands its GaN HEMT lineup for satellite communication earth stations with two devices for the low Ku-band spanning 12.75 GHz to 13.25 GHz. One of the HEMT devices is for multicarrier communications, while the other is for single-carrier communications. Both parts support increased data transmission capacity and smaller earth stations, even in the low Ku-band.

Ku-band satellite communication systems are increasingly being deployed for emergency communications during natural disasters, as well as for satellite news gathering (SNG) by TV broadcasters in rural areas where fiber and/or cable networks are not available. For SATCOM earth stations, current mainstream systems use a 14-GHz band. But in the near future, they are expected to use the low Ku-band (13 GHz) band and the Ka-band (28 GHz) band to address the need for increased data-transmission capacity.

The multicarrier MGFK48G2732A and the single-carrier MGFK48G2732 GaN HEMTs have a drain-source voltage of 24 V and output power of 70 W (48.3 dBm). Each device supports emergency communications and SNG in the low Ku-band.

Both the MGFK48G2732A and MGFK48G2732 GaN HEMTs will be launched on January 15, 2023.

GaN HEMT product page

Mitsubishi Electric

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