Mid-range FPGAs decrease power, increase throughput

Lattice reports its Avant mid-range FPGAs are optimized to deliver the lowest power, smallest form factor, and highest performance of FPGAs in their class. The scalable devices provide a logic capacity of 200k to 500k logic cells (LCs) and up to 2.5× lower power than comparable FPGAs. They also come in package sizes as small as 11×9 mm (200k LCs) and 15×13 mm (500k LCs).

The 16-nm FinFET Avant platform offers a high DSP and embedded memory to logic ratio, with 36 Mb of embedded memory and 1800 18×18 multipliers (7200 8×8 multipliers). These features enable efficient edge AI processing for automotive, communications, compute, and industrial applications. Avant devices also combine a configurable 25-Gbps SERDES with hardened support for PCIe Gen 4, fast I/O configuration, and high-speed external memory support, including LPDDR4/DDR4.

The Avant platform is architected for scalability that will enable the rapid development of multiple new device families, starting with the launch of the Avant-E FPGA family. The Avant-E devices offer an optimized feature set tailored to the needs of edge applications like data processing and artificial intelligence.

Avant-E product page 

Lattice Semiconductor 

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