Versatile clock generators offer flexible configuration

VersaClock 7 clock generators from Renesas allow designers to configure frequencies, I/O levels, and GPIO pin functionality to meet design requirements. Aimed at PCIe and networking applications in high-end computing, wired infrastructure, and data center equipment, the VersaClock 7 family offers versions providing 8 or 12 differential outputs with integrated crystal options. The 8-output clock is offered in a 5×5-mm QFN package that the company says is 30% smaller than competing options.

VersaClock 7 programmable devices support operating voltages from 1.8 V to 3.3 V, differential (LVPECL/HCSL/LVDS/LP-HCSL) and LVCMOS output types, up to three PLLs, and multiple fractional dividers to accurately generate virtually any frequency. Clock generator features include:

150-fs RMS, 12 kHz-20 MHz phase jitter (typical)
Digital holdover and hitless switching
SPI, I2C, SMBus interfaces
PCIe Gen 5/6 support
One-time programmable memory or EEPROM for storing up to 27 configurations
5×5-mm, 6×6-mm QFN packages

To configure the VersaClock 7 devices, the Renesas IC Toolbox (RICBox) Windows application lets users create configurations and program devices on evaluation boards. The RICBox programming application is free for downloading here.

VersaClock 7 clock generators are available today from Renesas and its distribution partners, along with programming boards for prototyping.

VersaClock 7 product page

Renesas Electronics 

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