100-W wireless power receiver ensures fast smartphone charging

Boasting a power rating of 100 W, ST’s STWLC99 wireless power receiver can recharge high-end smartphones with the largest battery capacity in under 30 minutes. In addition to smartphones, the STWLC99 offers new opportunities for medical devices and battery-operated industrial tools.

Based on an energy-efficient architecture comprising a low RDS(ON) synchronous rectifier and low-dropout regulator, the STWLC99 directs the received energy to the charging battery with minimal loss and low thermal dissipation. It complies with Qi specifications 1.2.4 and 1.3 and supports the Qi Extended Power Profile (EPP), as well as ST’s optimized STSuperCharge protocol for fast charging. Battery charging power reaches up to 100 W when combined with ST’s STWBC2-HP transmitter.

The receiver contains nonvolatile memory for storing configuration parameters and provides an I2C interface for exchanging configuration data and charging control. Built-in safety features include foreign object detection with current sensing and Q-factor detection in transmit mode.

Prices for the STWLC99 wireless power receiver in a 4.859×4.859-mm WLCSP start at $2.50.

STWLC99 product page


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